Beth Clark

My PhD involved studying the ecology and energetics of gannet foraging behaviour in relation to scavenging for fishing, sex-specific foraging, flight energetics and latitude. My work combined data from bird-borne GPS loggers, video cameras, altimeters and accelerometers. Our fieldwork took place mainly on RSPB Grassholm, Wales, and also on Skrúður and Hellisey, Iceland. My supervisors were Steve Votier, Lucy Hawkes (University of Exeter) and Peter Miller (Plymouth Marine Laboratory). My project was funded by NERC GW4+ DTP.

Kayleigh Jones

My PhD was on the development of sexual segregation in Antarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus gazella). My project involved analysing tracking data from male and female pups, juveniles and adults and analysing stable isotopes along whiskers to investigate sex differences in resource use at progressive life stages. This research is important to understand the underlying drivers of sexual segregation in Antarctic fur seals and determine its ecological impacts on the marine ecosystem. My supervisors were Dr Iain Staniland, Dr Norman Ratcliffe (British Antarctic Survey) and Dr Stephen Votier (University of Exeter). My project was funded by NERC GW4+ DTP.